Top 5 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

There is no shortage of reverse phone search engines, directories and mobile apps. Some are free, others are paid. They are not all created equal, however. Free services often only work for published land line numbers. Paid directories can search mobile numbers and vary in terms of the amount and accuracy of the information they can find. Before you use one of those paid services, you may want to play around with the free-to-search sites listed below that, in many cases, not only can help find people by phone number but also by e-mail and other contact IDs.

#1.  It would be strange if I didn’t list CellRevealer as the number one reverse  phone lookup service. We have created it with many quality improvements in mind. First of all, it is free and it can search many types of phone numbers, including mobile numbers. We hooked up many databases that can effectively search the name and address for many hard-to-find phone numbers. If our databases cannot locate a match for the number, we will give you some useful tips on where you can take your search next. Also, you can order a manual carrier’s database check which will get you the most accurate info about any mobile phone number in U.S. and Canada.

#2. I also like to use if I need to look up a personal or business number. For business numbers it often pulls up a lot of useful information from well known public directories (e.g. White and Yellow Pages). And Yellow Pages often can map detailed driving directions, nearby attractions and it provides overall more comprehensive searches than White Pages, in many cases.

#3. Another service that you may wish to give a try is – a free people search engine. It connects to many free databases and can pull up all sorts of information about a person when searched by phone number, email or name.

#4. provides a quick search experience and, in many cases, can find some useful information about land line numbers that other three directories can’t. While there is no much difference in the way it operates from, say, YellowPages, it is still worth checking out.

#5. This last service – – while NOT free, shows free detailed previews for certain cell phone numbers which may give you some hints to the identity of the phone owner. These often include the phone owner’s gender and other details in preview mode.

You can choose to use just one site or, which is always better, all of them together to take your search to a more advanced level. Just remember, that if you search a mobile number, you should not expect easy finds because such numbers are private and as you probably attach a high value to your own private information so do other people which makes these  numbers hard to trace.

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